Goals for the Day: Wed, Sept. 5

Question:  If we were to turn off the light in this photo, and seal the room so that no light could get in (A LIGHT TIGHT ROOM), what color would the chair be to your eye?

Welcome back to the art room.  Before we get started, make sure you have a WEEKLY GOAL SHEET to fill out throughout the week.

What is this organization above, what does it mean, how do you use it?  It may look a little chaotic, but this chart like your semester will be easily understood if you keep yourself organized.

  1. Discuss Classroom Procedures and Supply List:  Figure out where things are in the classroom, what will be need for certain projects, and specific procedures for turning work in.
  2. Prepare for Sketchbook Assignments:  Review schedule for sketchbook assignments and how they will be evaluated for your grade.
  3. Fill out Weekly Goal Sheets

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