Goals for the Day: Friday Sept. 7

Finally, coming up we have a couple days off.  Remember, you guys have some things due at the start of next week.  You need to find a sketchbook/notebook to work out of starting Monday, and your syllabus, signed by your folks and you needs to be turned in Monday as well.

  1. Try to master new ways of building up value:  we are going to play around with 3 more ways to build up value.  They are stippling, hatching, and cross-hatching.  Continue to use the drawing pencils to build a value scale using these new techniques.
  2. Start to create 3-D objects using these new ways to build up value: build two drawings from simple geometric shapes that will use 2 different value styles, of your choice of course.

REMEMBER, this is Friday, so at the end of class your goals sheet for the week needs to be turned in, this is important to me so that I know that the class understands the techniques we are working on or if I need to spend some extra time on a certain area.

UPDATE: here are the two photos of the still life that didn’t copy as well as I would have liked.

basic geometric shapes

advance geometric shape

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