Goals for the Day: Tues. Sept.,

Tim Townsend & Rob Haynes, Marvel 9/11 Heroes tribute book, 2009

Today might be an emotional day, I’m sure that in some classes you will see images or remember feelings from evoked from today’s anniversary.  Think about how artist use their feelings to communicate emotions or ideas to other people.

that today’s goals are the same as yesterday. This is OK, and you need to write them down again BECAUSE you need to continually interact and consider the progress you are making regarding your meeting them and simply understanding them.

  1. Try to master new ways of building up value:  we are going to play around with 3 more ways to build up value.  They are stippling, hatching, and cross-hatching.  Continue to use the drawing pencils to build a value scale using these new techniques.  Let’s talk about


  2. Start to create 3-D objects using these new ways to build up value: build two drawings from simple geometric shapes that will use 2 different value styles, of your choice of course.

As a class, we will also vote on the day that each hour’s sketchbook is due.  Remember, you will have a list of the sketchbook assignments for the whole semester.  ONLY 1 sketch is due per week, but each class will have a different day that there book is due.  Check the board if you forget which day is yours.

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