Goals for the Day: Wed. Sept. 12

OK…Time to finish it up.  Today we will be wrapping up this project that we have been working on for the past 3 days.  Pay attention to some of the details today so that you can determine how successful your drawing is.


  1. What is going to get me the most points:  I’ve come around and pointed out a number of specific things I am looking for on everyones drawing in order for it to be successful.  Here they are…Can you recognize what shapes are present?  Are the values located in the correct spot?  Are the blacks as black as the can be and are the highlights as bright as they can be?  Are there enough values of gray (or grey) to tell that shading is taking place?
  2. Finish it, Turn it in, Get credit:  TAKE SOME TIME to actually read the SELF REFLECTION sheet.  This is something that won’t be turned in with every project but will be counted as a grade towards each project.  Pay attention to the directions.  There are some specifics with this sheet so watch what your doing.

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