Goals for the Day: Mon. Sept. 17


Goals Are ESSENTIAL for your day-to-day success. Please think about the things that are important to you (besides making art) and how you set goals for yourself. What do you do to reach those goals?

  1. What are colors:  How do they work? Where are they from? and How are the used?  Today we will talk about and use specific vocabulary built around using color. Some terms that your going to need to be familiar with, HUE, SHADE, TINT, PRIMARY, SECONDARY, and TERTIARY.
  2. What moves are you making to complete the art work:   How can you get more accomplished in the next week. We have 3 days to wrap up this new project… this is an important part of the art making process.

Take a look at another artist’s process, making the choice to do something that interests you.

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