Goals for the Day: Thurs. Sept 20

Well, we have been talking about the color wheel and its uses for the past couple of days.  Today you will have a challenge to create your own version of a color wheel, but with your spin on it.  Use the information that we have been working with and create a color wheel that reflects what type of person, style, or things that interest you.

  1. Apply art materials being aware of your skills.
  2. Solve visual challenges using analysis (using elements of color theory)

This project will be evaluated both SUBJECTIVELY and OBJECTIVE…take a look at the requirements on the board before starting anything.

We are going to take a look a couple different styles that you will be able to use when creating this project.  Remember that before you start anything, you should sketch out your ideas and create a game plan that will allow you to know which direction you are heading in.

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