Goals for the Day: Wed. Sept. 26

Do not forget…your WK 2 Sketchbook assignment was due this week.

  1. 5 Types of Line:  What types of line are typical used to draw?  How can we use the following; Horizontal, Vertical, Curved, Zig Zag, and Diagonal lines to actually build a drawing.  What types of things to they build?  Shapes vs Forms.
  2. Lets take some time:  Use the types of lines that we learn to build shapes into specific objects.  Take 2 minutes and create a Gesture drawing of your hand, and then move onto a Contour line drawing.

Lots of information today.  Make sure you take a second to write everything done and really focus on what we are learning today.  As we start sketching, take a deep breath and just jump into it.

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