Goals for the Day: Monday, Oct. 1

New month…new start.  Hard to believe that the first 4 weeks have come and gone so fast.  Take a look at what we will be working for today.

  1. Drawing…again?!?!  This is our final week learning new drawing techniques.  Today we talk about Contour Line drawing. A contour is the line which defines a form or edge – an outline. Contour drawing is the place where most beginners start, following the visible edges of a shape. The contour describes the outermost edges of a form, as well as dramatic changes of plane within the form.
  2. Timed Sketches:  Use the hour to sketch 6 contour line drawings.  Remember, only draw what you see, low detail and try to minimize how many times you pick up your pencil.


Soon you will using all the tools to put together a finished piece.  Use your time wisely in class today, and remember the process of creating these drawings.

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