Goals for the Day: Tues. Oct. 23

Ceramics 1: Relief Stamp

  1. Continue to work on your relief stamp.  Use slab pieces of clay to increase the relief or “3-D ness” of your design..
  2. How are you using the clay to create a design that is distinctly different from everyone elses?

Painting 1:  Peace Swap Art Piece / Color Swatch Book

  1. Create a swatch for each color of the color wheel using only BLUE, RED, YELLOW acrylic paints.  You will also use WHITE and BLACK to create 2 shades and 2 tints of each color. (TOTAL of 60 swatches)
  2. Continue to work on Peace Swap art work.  Material for art piece needs to be gathered by Friday, Oct. 26 (due as project= 20 pts)

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