Goals for the Day: Fri. Oct 25

Ceramics 1 – Day of the Dead Skulls

  1. Continue to work on developing your skull designs and finalize your color scheme by the end of the hour.
  2. Make sure as you cut out shapes that all the edges are blended and there are no cracks left in the clay.  Once finished leave it out to air dry, so that it can be fired next week.

JOURNAL REFLECTION TOPIC:  We’ve work with clay twice now, what are some of your concerns with your weakness that you might have?  If you have no weakness, describe what makes working with this type of media so easy for you.


Painting 1 – Peace Swap Art Project / Color Swatch Book

  1. Continue to use images found in magazines or on the internet to create an art piece that describes the “Meaning of PEACE” to you.  You should consider the principles of Balance and Harmony while creating your piece.
  2. Using only the PRIMARY colors, create an acrylic swatch of all 12 colors in the color wheel.  Include 2 TINTS and 2 SHADES of each color as well. (60 swatches/version of each color total.)

JOURNAL REFLECTION TOPIC:  As we are starting to get into both of our projects, I would like you to describe exactly what PEACE means to and how you are looking to elaborate on this meaning within your artwork.


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