Goals for the Day: Monday Oct 29

Ceramics 1: Day of the Dead Skulls

  1. Learn and Understand the procedures for once a piece of clay has been fired.  Terms that need to be review today are: GREENWARE, BISQUE, GLAZE, CONE.
  2. Take brief notes on the types of ways a project can be finished.  What are the benefits to each way? 

Painting 1: PEACE Art Swap Projects

  1. Take a few moments to get back on track.  What is this project all about, what is the point and why should you care?
  2. Review the ART Swap calendar, understand that by the end of the month these pieces are due, so pay attention as to what is due each week.  My question to you is,  why does this process take so long/short?  Is there a point to having a calendar?

Swap Peace Art Show Calendar

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