Goals for the Day: Friday, Nov 2

Ceramics 1 : Pop Quiz and Final Color Decisions

  1. Make final decisions on color schemes and designs for Day of the Dead skulls, show evidence in your sketchbooks of what your skull will look like after you paint them.
  2. Pop Quiz on “Basic Ceramics Knowledge”

In your Self-Reflection section, number 1-10 and give the answers to the PowerPoint quiz.  Don’t forget that sketchbook assignments are due today!!!

Painting 1: Art Swap / Color Swatch Book

  1. We have officially worked for 2 weeks now on the “Peace Swap” art boards.  By now you should have an idea or already have items attached for transfer or collage.
  2. Be able to describe what directions your board is headed.  Here are some questions that you can think about…
  • What does Peace mean to you? 
  • How are you representing your ideas with the materials/images you’ve cut out and attached?
  • Is your board visually balanced? (I mean does it look like the whole board is covered, or is the viewer’s eye heading in only 1 direction)
  • What is your plan bring UNITY in adding color to the board?

These are the questions I am going to go around and ask you today. They are 5 pts each.  What answers will you have….Use the SELF-REFLECTION space today to explain your answers that difficult to talk about.

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