Goals for the Day: Monday, Nov. 5

Ceramics 1:  Day of the Dead Skulls

  1. Let’s finish it up, stuff is coming out of the kiln and we need to finish designs on our skulls/shoes.  Remember your skulls/shoes need to have a BASE color painted on first, this is before all of the lines and designs can be painted on.
  2. Start using the thin brushes to paint on designs that you have drawn in your sketch book.  You won’t be turning in your CLAY project, but you will be turning in the sketch of your skull with the designs and 3-4 color scheme that you decided on. 


Painting 1:  Peace Swap / New Painting Techniques

    1. Ok…here is my Bob Ross moment…

2.  New Painting Techniques:  There are millions of ways to apply paint.  Literally millions!  Today to scrape the surface, we are going to talk about WET and DRY BRUSH techniques.  You will need to decided this week which techniques you will use to start applying color.

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