Goals for the Day: Fri. Nov. 9

Ceramics 1 : Anti-Pandora’s Box

  1. Let’s get a better idea as to what the project really is about.  Be familiar with the myth of Pandora’s Box and what the story was really about.  If we were making something that was “ANTI,” what aspects would we take into consideration?
  2. Be familiar with the 4 OBJECTIVES that this projects must have when presented to be graded.  Ask questions today if something doesn’t make sense, or if it makes sense but you’re not sure if you can use your ORIGINAL idea, ask.

Self-Reflection Journal Entry:  Which objective that we discussed today do you think will be the most difficult for you to work inside of making your project? Why?

Painting 1: PEACE Swap Art Show

  1. Today we will start discussing how art pieces obtain their value.  What makes a piece of art worth so much?  Is it just about the materials used?  What value would you put on your project up until now?  How about once it is finished?
  2. Creative Commons :  We all know about plagiarism, right?  Well what about those images or materials that we’ve used on our projects that don’t belong to us? Or do they belong to us?  Today we will learn about how we can use Copyrighted or Trademarked images in our art work.

Self-Reflection Journal Topic: Explain what information today about Copyright and Trademarked images were you surprised about?  

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