Goals for the Day: Wed, Nov. 14

Ceramics 1: Anit-Pandora’s Box

  1. 9 days left to construct your Anti-Pandora’s Box. SIZE, THICKNESS, LID.  How are you working with these guidelines to create your box?
  2. The next few days should be dedicated to coming up with a design, you can start with the clay, however you do not have much time to waste playing around with ideas.  The best route would be to have a plan started on paper and then move towards the clay.

Painting 1: PEACE Swap Art Show

  1. Time is starting to wind down and we talked last week about what to expect.  This week, everyone should be focused on putting the final touches on their art projects.  Those who are nearing completion can be excused to the library to fill out the “Artist Information Card”
  2. Continue working on finishing up your piece.  I know its been a long couple of weeks, but the work you have so far looks great!  Stay the course and be proud of what you’ve created.

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