Goals for the Day: Thur, Nov. 15

Ceramics 1: Anit-Pandora’s Box

  1. 8 days left to construct your Anti-Pandora’s Box.  LIDS, LIDS, LIDS.  The thickness of your lid does count towards the thickness of your container.  When you start constructing the lid, think about how you would cover a pot that you put on the stove.  How does that lid fit?
  2. Designs for your containers are due tomorrow!!! This is a huge assignment so, do not forget about this aspect of the big project.

Painting 1: PEACE Swap Art Show

  1. Time is starting to wind down and we talked last week about what to expect.  This week, everyone should be focused on putting the final touches on their art projects.  Those who are nearing completion can be excused to the library to fill out the “Artist Information Card”
  2. Artist information cards need to be completed by tomorrow, so today will be dedicated to excusing students 2 at a time, if you do not get a chance to fill a card out today, you will need to download the form at home and email it to me at pappasj@melnap.k12.mi.us

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