Goals for the Day: Mon. Nov. 26

Ceramics 1: UnConstructed Cube

  1. What do you remember about the differences between SHAPES and FORMS?  On the “Comment” section of your goal’s sheet, write down some of the ideas you have.  If you can’t remember anything, take notes here…it will help make sense when we start talking about the construction of our next project.
  2. Your quiz last week was to create a 3-D cube out of paper, this week we will be re-creating that cube out of clay.  Part 1 takes place today, use a CORNER of your sketch book to measure out 3″ across and 3″ down.

HINT:  the ” means inches. ‘ means feet

Painting 1: Parts of the Brush and How to Clean 

  1. Today, we are going to be looking at the parts of a paintbrush…I know exciting!  Take a look at the photos below, notice there is one part added:


Now take a look at the various types of paintbrushes, why so many, what’s the point?

      2.  Tomorrow you will be having a quiz about this paintbrush.  Take a look at this video and watch my demonstrations with some of the additional supplies to fully understand what your quiz will be on.

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