Goals for the Day: Tues. Nov. 27

Ceramics 1: UnConstructed Box


  1. Take a look at the looping animation.  This the process you will take to start building your cube.  The “RED” edges represent the sides that you will SCORE or make cross hatching marks on to.  Add a couple of drops of water to the edge before you attach a piece.  Fill in any gaps with small rolls of clay.
  2. Continue to work on your Anti-Pandora’s box and make sure that it is safe to be fired.  Tomorrow we will talk about the term “Structurally Sound,”  until then clean the edges of your containers and keep the the project wet.

Painting 1:  Paintbrush Quiz 

  1. 25 minutes on the clock…Remember the brush you used and choose your color palette.  This quiz has 2 parts, first you need 7 lines of color using yesterday’s technique and then the cleaning of your brush.
  2. Each class will grade the other based on how clean the brushes were left after the quiz.

1…the brush is dirty  2…you can live with it   3…the brush is clean

You have to be able to identify the parts of the brush that are affected for the score to be valid.


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