Goals for the Day: Thur. Nov. 29

Ceramics 1: Anti-Pandora’s Box

Students will:

ART.VA.I.HS.1  1.  Be able to evaluate projects they have created based on 4 specific criteria:

Size—Thickness–Functionality—Matching Accessory (Key)

ART.VA.I.HS.5  2.  Create pieces to be used for a future project and be able to discuss ideas on how these pieces will be used effectually to create a 3-D FORM.

Painting 1:  Hereos in Distress Postcard Paintings

Students will:

ART.VA.I.HS.1  1.  Use previously demonstrated techniques to make decisions on how to make their portraits look more realistic.

ART.VA.I.HS.5  2.  Gather information about best practices for starting and setting up a Portrait style acrylic painting.

by the end of the HR. all students will need to text or email a self-portrait of themselves with a distressed face. (see Example)

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