Goals for the Day: Wed. Dec. 12

Ceramics 1: Molded Bowls

Students will:

ART.VA.III.HS.1 Analyze and describe the formal characteristics of a work of art or design.

1.  Today we will learn the characteristics and differences between MOLDING and MODELING clay.  The next project will involve both types of construction, however will focus specifically on one.

ART.VA.II.HS.2 Create artwork using materials and techniques with skill so that personal intentions are carried out.

2.  We will discuss and demonstrate techniques to use when creating a clay bowl.   While there are many ways to carry out this specific design, we will discuss the best practice to create our project in the time given.

Painting 1: Layering Quiz

Students will:

ART.VA.I.HS.2 Intentionally use art materials and tools when applying techniques and skills to communicate ideas.

1.  INTENTIONALLY, you need to decide which  colors and painting materials will be best suited to carry out a realistic copy of the presented painting.

ART.VA.I.HS.3 Demonstrate understanding of organizational principles and methods to solve specific visual arts problems.

2.  During the given time, each student will need to demonstrate they understand and are approaching a level of MASTERING the layering technique for applying acrylic paint.

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