Goals for the Day: Wed. Dec. 19

Ceramics 1: Molded Bowls

Students will:

ART.VA.III.HS.1 Analyze and describe the formal characteristics of a work of art or design.

1.  Use your bowls as NEGATIVES and MOLD the bowl shape out of it.

ART.VA.II.HS.2 Create artwork using materials and techniques with skill so that personal intentions are carried out.

2.  Think about SYMBOLISM and how you will create 2 visually different bowls that symbolize 2 people.  You will need to consider the following things: Modeling, Color, Size, and Shape.


Painting 1 : Inner Workings of Animation & A Brief History

1.  Re-examine the differences between the 3 following machines that allowed photos to appear like they are moving: Zoopraxinscope, Praxinoscope, Kinetoscope.  Watch the following “silent animations”  and full understand their importance to modern-day animation.

  • Pauvre Pierrot
  • Gertie the Dinosaur
  • KoKo the Clown

2.  Take a look at the example animation that I am in the middle of creating.  What things need to be present on your drawing before you start with the Acetate (transparencies)?

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