Goals for the Day: Thurs. Jan. 23


take a guess what this is

Ceramics 2 & Painting 2: Re-Write the Final

I will:

1. Think through why I (artist) created my own artwork. You will also see how an artwork was created and what various artworks say about a community. (K,R)

2. See connections between analyzing art questions/problems from previous situations I have already experienced. (K,R)

Today you guys will break down the top 10 most incorrectly answered questions into a group of 5 that you will rewrite and present on poster board. I want you guys to remember one really important thing when you are re-wording, keep the main idea of the question the same, DO NOT change what information we are really trying to get answered or else it changes the type of question.

Here is an example:

Which one of the animals can fly? a. bird b.pterodactyl c. duck d. bats e. all of the above

This question is a KNOWLEDGE question, what does someone know about these 4 things. The answers however are really confusing. How could you change this so that we are still trying to find out what someone knows while making the question easier to understand?

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