Goals for the Day: Mon. Jan. 27

Starry Night…not Van Gogh’s though…

Ceramics 2: Texturized Slab Tiles

You Will:

1. … use different techniques to create useful works and sculptural works out of clay. (Skill,Product)

2. … make choices to plan my work based on certain challenges. (Skill,Product)
TEXTURE…take a look around the room today. Look for different types of texture throughout the class/school. Is there any type of texture that you can think of that is important to a specific object(s)?

Here is a question I want you to think about…Is a TEXTURE the same as a PATTERN?

Mark Rothko, “No. 5”, 1949

Painting 2: Glue Bottle Chronicles

You will:

1. … judge whether the patterns and process you used to create your work made positive difference. (Reasoning)

2. … apply the elements of art to affect the development of my artwork. (Skill, Product)

Think about the various ways you can create lines.  Your going to have some time in class today to experiment with different types of line drawing.  Like I said, experiment, try not to stick to just ONE way of drawing a line (ie. waves or zigzags)  also experiment with the various materials that you can use to make lines.  Pens and pencils are just the beginning think about different types of materials at your disposal.

Piet Mondrain, “Composition II in Red, Blue, Yellow” 1930

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