Goals for the Day: Wed. Jan. 30

Ceramic Tile Quilt

Ceramics 2: Texturized Slab Tiles

You Will:

1. … use different techniques to create useful works and sculptural works out of clay. (Skill,Product)

2. … make choices to plan my work based on certain challenges. (Skill,Product)

Like I said yesterday…Today the class is YOURS.  Make good use of it, because at the end of the hour your tiles need to be complete so that they can be fired tomorrow.

Here are the specifications for the creating of your tiles:

  • Thickness no thicker than a DVD case
  • 5″x5″
  • Each slab will have a texture stamped (imprinted) into it
  • Before drying, 2 holes need to insert on each side of the tile at an inch apart


Todd Marrone “Pixies” 2011

Painting 2: Glue Bottle Chronicles

You will:

1. … judge whether the patterns and process you used to create your work made positive difference. (Reasoning)

2. … apply the elements of art to affect the development of my artwork. (Skill, Product)

Take a look at the images that we are referencing today.  They are from a friend and teacher of mine name Todd Marrone.  He has a unique way of using line in his works by using some NON-TRADITIONAL materials.  Today you guys are going to start this process but first we talk SUBJECT and PREP.

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