Goals for the Day: Thur. Jan. 30

Ceramics 2: Texturized Slab Tiles

You will:

1. … use glaze techniques that function with the finished clay piece. (K,S,P)

2. …think through why I create my own artwork, independently. (K,R)

Today we are going to go over a variety of techniques you can use to FINISH a ceramic project.  In your sketchbook, you will need to create a list of these techniques based on two criteria:  DECORATION and FUNCTION.  Since there are multiple outcomes to each and every approach, there isn’t a specific answer to the way something will look once finished, but it’s always fun to experiment.

Painting 2: Glue Bottle Chronicles

You will:

1. … judge whether the patterns and process you used to create your work made positive difference. (Reasoning)

2. … apply the elements of art to affect the development of my artwork. (Skill, Product)

Take a look at the images that we are referencing today.  They are from a friend and teacher of mine name Todd Marrone.  He has a unique way of using line in his works by using some NON-TRADITIONAL materials.  Today you guys are going to start this process but first we talk SUBJECTand PREP.

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