Goals for the Day: Fri. Feb. 1

Ceramics 2: Texturized Slab Tiles

You will:

1. … use glaze techniques that function with the finished clay piece.(K,S,P)

2. …think through why I create my own artwork, independently. (K,R)

You’ve seen these goals for the past couple days.  Today you are experimenting with GLAZES.  In your notes from yesterday, choose 1 or 2 of the techniques discussed for glazing.  Since this is an experimental process, I want you to identify which technique or techniques you are using on your tiles.  Write down the texture and technique so when it comes out of the kiln you can identify it and you have a reference for what the technique looks like.

along with some of the classes whose tiles were to wet to fire yesterday, you will be creating 6 PATTERNED stamps, see examples online!!!!!

Glaze Techniques to use:

  • Glaze Layered over Glaze
  • Glaze mixed with other Glaze
  • Glaze Masked with Paper/Glue
  • Glaze with a marble effect

Painting 2: Glue Bottle Chronicles

You will:

1. … judge whether the patterns and process you used to create your work made positive difference. (Reasoning)

2. … apply the elements of art to affect the development of my artwork. (Skill, Product)

You will have class time to continue your glue bottle lines, remember it takes time for the glue to dry.  I will give you a brief demo on the best use of watercolor, however since this is your very first time using it, I really want you to experiment with the media.

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