Goals for the Day: Mon. Feb. 11

Ceramics 2: Cylindrical Forms and Textured Tiles

1. … use different techniques to create useful works and sculptural works out of clay. (Skill,Product)

2. … make choices to plan my work based on certain challenges. (Skill,Product)

Well, the snow day was great, now, its back to work.  Last Friday was supposed to be a catch up day, so we will continue where we left off.  The kiln has finished firing and stuff needs to come out.  As we near completion of our very first project, I want you to keep in mind our end of the year PORTFOLIO.  Any and all works need to be represented visually, so remember you need to keep a collection of these projects.  No, you cannot throw them away…ANY PROJECT THROWN AWAY WILL RESULT IN A ZERO!

Your sketchbooks are also due at the end of this week, so remember, both tracks wherever you might be and always read the sketch assignment.


Painting 2: Watercolor Quiz

You will:

1.  … understand the color mixing in the palette and on the painting.(K,S)

2. … apply the elements of art to effect the development of my artwork. (S,P)

Like I said last week, we will be working on a color wheel quiz for the next few days.  The most important part to this quiz is starting off with a well-organized wheel, which most of you did last week.  Make sure as your painting, that:

  • all 12 colors are represented
  • you have 5 tints of each color
  • your neatness is also getting evaluated here

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