Goals for the Day: Thurs. Feb. 14

Ceramics 2: Tessellation Bowls

You will:

1. … use different techniques to create useful works and sculptural works out of clay. (Skill,Product)

2. …think through why I create my own artwork, independently.(Knowledge,Reasoning) 

We are going to start using the tessellation patterns that you created yesterday to create a tiled bowl affect.  Using the plaster hump molds, prepare the clay surface before you start adding the pattern.

Painting 2: Neutral Tones

You will..

1… see how developing a picture from the background forward reduces work later in the process. (Skill, Product)

2.  …see how the use of a wash can create a sky quickly.(SkillProduct)

Lets continue working with WASHES, to create a NEUTRAL tree ring painting.

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