Ceramics 2: Catch-Up and Follow Through (Prep for tessellation bowl)

I can :

1. … use different techniques to create useful works and sculptural works out of clay. (Skill,Product)

2. … make choices to plan my work based on certain challenges. (Skill,Product)

What’s the challenge:

Focus on SKETCHBOOKS that are left including, Regular: Favorite pair of shoes being destroyed (in color) and Advance: Narrative Drawing, an image that has a story behind it (on the back describe what you’re trying to show).

Also, once you’ve checked your grade consider the projects that will be on this card marking.  Do you have them completed or in the process yet? Here they are:

  • Texturized Slab tiles (100pts)
  • Cylindrical Vase (100pts)
  • Hump Mold Bowl with Tessellation Pattern (100pts)


Painting 2: Blending Watercolor for Realism

I can:

1. …mix and match brush strokes to create complex paintings from a set of fundamental techniques. (S,P)

2. …create a watercolor painting. (P)

Today we will create a watercolor portrait of the villain Two-Face from the Batman series.  The main concept I want you to be thinking about today is how this painting might look if you were using a different medium to paint.

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