Goals for the Day: Thurs. Feb. 28

Ceramics 2: Final Sketchbook & End of the Card Marking Procedures

I can:

1) …transfer my artist knowledge to solve problems. (K,R)

2) …develop a body of completed works and present them in a professional manner. (K,S,P)

Use today to start finishing up your concepts on this card marking’s last sketchbook (see next slide).  Turn in Daily Goal Sheet for this week, and remove ANY & ALL COMPLETED PROJECTS from the room.  Get credit for them today, any projects left over tomorrow will be thrown away and be given an automatic zero.

Painting 2: Two-Face Watercolor & End of the Card Marking Procedures

I can:

1) …evaluate how time and function have affected ideas about an artwork. (K,R)

2)   create and finish a watercolor painting. (P)

75% of your painting is done, we just need to bring it home.  Very quickly I will demo the benefits of using colored pencil on top of watercolor to develop realistic layers and how to bring in more depth to your final painting.  BEFORE YOU TURN THIS IN…defend the color scheme you choose to complete this painting; what I mean is:

  • Why did you choose the color that you painted on the disfigured side
  • What skin tone wash did you decided on?
  • Finally, what decision played out on you painting the hair?

Write a response to these questions on the back of your painting (don’t use markers to write).  Also give an overall grade to your final painting:  Was it SUCCESSFUL, AVERAGE, or UNSUCCESSFUL…describe why.

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