Goals for the day: Fri. March 15

Ceramics 2: Functional Artworks

Yep, same thing as yesterday.  We are just continuing the process of creating this project. (if absent, see the CERAMICS tab at the top of the page for examples)

I can:

1.  …use form and surface together to create a ceramic work of art. (S,R,P)

2.  …work independently to plan and create ceramics artworks. (K,S,R,P)

The start of this project will seem easy…almost too easy.  We are going to create a functional piece of ceramic art.  To do this you will need to familiarize yourself with the term FUNCTIONAL, and be prepared to defend your view on why or why not something would be functional.  Once we finish with the class discussion we will put your skills to the test to see if you can create a surface that is both functional and decorative out of some provided materials.

Painting 2:  Advanced Watercolor Techniques

You guys are in the same boat as my other classes…we will continue to work on these new techniques until you feel comfortable.

I can:

1.  …mix and match brush strokes to create complex paintings from a set of fundamental techniques. (S,P)

2. …create areas of reserve on my painting. (S)

The next few days we will be honing in our watercolor techniques to be used on an abstract painting.  When you come in there is a reference that you can use throughout the rest of the course that shows the 8 different painting techniques.  I urge you not to rush through these techniques, really pay attention to what is happening to the paint as you apply it to the paper and try to think how you could use these techniques in different ways to communicate ideas.

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