Goals for the Day: Thur. March 21

Ceramics 2:  Wall Hanging Collage

I can…

1.  …use materials that are new to me in creating a work of art that is personal to me.

2. …properly use new materials and new techniques so that my work is a success.

Check out this video…

Painting 2:  Advanced Watercolor Techniques

You guys are in the same boat as my other classes…we will continue to work on these new techniques until you feel comfortable.

I can:

1.  …mix and match brush strokes to create complex paintings from a set of fundamental techniques. (S,P)

2. …create areas of reserve on my painting. (S)

We are going to continue working with the TRIPTYCH setup for this double watercolor painting.  Some keys to remember when you are working with this painting are:

  • What techniques from last week are you using paint each scene
  • When using the salt, think about the areas you’re using it in and what types of salt your using to get certain effects
  • You need to use 3 painting techniques from last week on each individual painting (3 paintings per triptych= 9 techniques x 2triptychs=18 total techniques) if salt is one of them, you’ll need to show 2 more per painting and identify them on the back.

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