Goals for the Day: Fri. April 12

Ceramics 2: Tyg Mug

I can:

1. …create a template that has specific dimensions.

2. …use my template to create pieces for a ceramic mug.

Big thing to keep in mind today is that you attach your mug together with the correct technique. I will play the video, but ask if you have any concerns or trouble getting the clay to work for you.

Painting 2: Pointillism Exercise


I can:

1.  …transfer a drawing over to another surface using specific techniques

2.  …use markers to create various hues and values by layer dots

The goal here today is to continue working on this pointillism exercise, and finish it up by the end of Monday’s class.  Don’t get too overwhelmed with having to get everything exact.  Take a look at the image above, notice how the artist used various sizes but different hues to create a more dynamic picture.  Think about this idea while you are practicing today and next week.

Click here if you need to see the comic strip I got the exercise panel from

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