Goals for the Day: Fri. April 19

Ceramics 2: Tyg Mug

I can:

1. …use the video tutorial to put the finishing touches on each of your three handles for the mugs you’ve constructed. (S)

2. …use the video tutorial to attach the handles and ensure that they will be dry and ready to be fired this Fri. (S)

We will be firing today and Tues. April 23.  Ask for information about extra credit portion to this project.

 Making a Clay Handle…

Attaching a Handle to a Mug…

Painting 2: Ben-Day vs Half Tone Dot Color Wheel

I can:

1. …tell the differences between the Ben-Day dot and Halftone dot patterns

2. …decide the best technique to use when creating new values and hues of colors

Ben-Day vs Half Tone Color Wheel

Blending the Ben-Day dot…

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