Goals for the Day: Tues. April 30

Ceramics 2: Introduction to the Wheel

UPDATE:  Considering that some of you are just clicking the link and getting a weird message, shows me that no one is watching the videos…this should be interesting.
I would like you guys to click on the “Ceramics 2” link at the top of the page and begin watching and taking the Pottery Wheel quiz.

UPDATE:  The quiz is now embedded, so you should have no problem taking it, without asking permission first.


Remember, you have two chances to pass the quiz with 100%. Make sure once you’ve taken the quiz, you click on the “Book Now” icon to reserve a day and time on the wheel.

Painting 2: Final Portfolio

Use today as your last day to make any changes that you need to your online portfolio. Also you will need to share your movie poster idea that you’ll use on the ceiling tile through google. My email is mrpappas1@gmail.com

This week you’ll be working to prime your ceiling tile as well as start working on your “Re-Work Painting” along with it’s 2pg critique

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