Goals for the Day: Fri. May 3

Ceramics 2 and Painting 2:  Sketchbook Day

Ok…While I haven’t been there this entire week, we are coming to the end and there are a couple of things that need to be submitted, in order for me to grade.  Since today is Friday, you will be turning in your sketchbooks.  Considering that I’m not there to go through each one, you will need to submit a photo of your sketch to my twitter account…


you will hashtag (#) either: #regular or #advance; depending on which sketch you were working on.  Those of you that don’t have a cell phone or Twitter account may use someone else’s or a friends, however…PLEASE PUT YOUR NAME!!!  I am not familiar with some of your screen names.

Credit for the sketch will be based on whether or not the sketch meets all the requirements and the time during the class in which the tweet is posted.

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