Goals for the Day: Friday May 10


  • Sketchbook #2: Self-Reflection Sketch: Draw from your reflection in a mirror.
  •  Advance Sketchbook #1: Watercolor and Ink Pen room design

use TWITTER and my handle @MRPAPPASTEACH to post a photo of your sketch

Ceramics 2 and Painting 2: Twitter Response

There will be some confusion today about what really is due.  I spoke to 1st HR about this Monday and want to make sure that the rest of you guys have the ability to make this choice as well.

I am giving students the opportunity to choose between writing the 2 pg critique for the re-worked project or participate in 4 weekly TWITTER posts about their project and progress.  At the end of each week, there will be a response question that you will have to post along with any photo evidence to support your tweet.  To receive full credit, all 4 weekly posts must be completed on time.  This weeks question(s) were: What project did you choose to rework?  Why did you choose it?  What progress have you completed or are you hoping to complete by the end of the week?

use TWITTER and my handle @MRPAPPASTEACH to post your response and photo(s)

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