Goals for the Day: Sept. 5

Intro to Art

I can:

1.  Decided on direction to take when creating art.  Use that direction to work through any concerns that might arise.

2.  Discuss any positive and/or negative experiences that I encountered.

Today’s class might be a little frustrating to some of you, as you will see sometimes things aren’t always as simple as they seem.  Take today’s lesson in stride and try to understand that there is a “bigger picture” to the activities and projects we will be working on throughout the year.



I can:

1.  Discuss the characteristics between shapes and forms.

2.  Recognize the relationship that shapes and forms have when being discussed 2 dimensionally as well as 3 dimensionally.



I can:

1.  Recognize color and the multiple ways that they can be artistically discussed and used within a work.

2.  Define specific terms and be able to discuss their importance in regards to other aspects of color.

What are colors:  How do they work? Where are they from? and How are the used?  Today we will talk about and use specific vocabulary built around using color. Some terms that your going to need to be familiar with, HUE, SHADE, TINT, PRIMARY, SECONDARY, and TERTIARY.


I can:

1.  Use specific materials and tools to create a gradual and significant change in value

2.  Use value to communicate specific meanings through my art.

Big time vocabulary word ALERT: chiaroscuro…this is actually a really neat concept, and something that can be incredibly dynamic when working with your own drawings, we will spend some time looking at ways this has been used historically as well as ways it is being used today.

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