Goals for the Day: Mon. Sept 9

Intro to Art

I can:

1.  Make decisions based on my knowledge of the elements of art.

2.  Choose a specific design that will allow my ideas to be seen visual by others.

Examples of artist, Carson Catlin’s work


see more


I can:

1.  Plan my ceramics artworks.

2.  Use form and surface together to create a  work of art.

We start today, getting into teams, dividing up responsibilities, and creating a pair of cardboard shoes using both shape and form.  Your job this week will be to determine what additional elements of art you will be using to design your shoes, what type of shoe this is (ie. high top, dress, skate, etc.) and who does what in your groups.


I can:

1.  understand the color mixing in the palette and on the painting.

2.  analyze the techniques used to create a piece of work.

Today continue work with watercolor.  We will work on setting up a template which will be used as a starting point to paint your color wheel.  The following items must be present for full credit:

All 12, proper colors (primary, secondary, tertiary)

Shades and tints of each color

all  3 Complementary color value scales.


I can:

1.  Use “line” in my work create different effects and understand that the way I use my drawing tool affects the overall mood and feeling of the work.

2.  Create preliminary sketches and drawings that help me produce my “polished” piece of art.


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