Goals for the Day: Tues. Sept. 10

Intro to Art

I can:

1.  Make decisions based on my knowledge of the elements of art.

2.  Choose a specific design that will allow my ideas to be seen visual by others.

I am going to come around today to see how your progress is going.  Remember, you are cutting out SHAPES to create the illusion of LINES throughout your work.  Once you finish one layer, move to another.  The key to this project is to keep the “shapes” within the same group.


1.  Plan my ceramics 3-D artworks.

2.  Use form and surface together to create a  work of art.

Most of you have already started putting something together.  I will come around today to take a look at your progress and ask your group a couple of questions.  Make sure that this is a group effort and not just dumping all of the “doing” on one person.

15 min. reading links…

WSJ: When is it OK to use technology in school?

Gizmodo: Apple’s most important new product this month won’t be an iPhone


I can:

1.  understand the color mixing in the palette and on the painting.

2.  analyze the techniques used to create a piece of work.

We will continue work on your watercolor study sheet.  I also want to have a quick discussion about what it means to have a “study” in art terms.


I can:

1.  Use “line” in my work create different effects and understand that the way I use my drawing tool affects the overall mood and feeling of the work.

2.  Create preliminary sketches and drawings that help me produce my “polished” piece of art.

Well, yesterday did not go as I expected.  Depending on the weather, we will try to revisit the main concept of yesterday’s class.  I really am depending on you guys to actually practice the work while we are outside and try to see the significance of what we are doing.  We aren’t just drawing leafs for leafs sake.

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