Goals for the Day: Wed. Sept. 11

Intro to Art

I can:

1.  Make decisions based on my knowledge of the elements of art.

2.  Choose a specific design that will allow my ideas to be seen visual by others.

Today I’d really like to see you recognize which SHAPE CATEGORY your piece is going to fall into.  Are you going with CIRCULAR and ORGANIC lines or more TRIANGULAR and STRAIGHT lines?  Remember, the objective of this assignment was to create SHAPES that would be removed to create NEGATIVE SPACE, leaving POSITIVE LINES left over.  Is this what your project is starting to take on or do we need to re-evaluate the direction we are headed?


1.  Plan my ceramics 3-D artworks.

2.  Use form and surface together to create a  work of art.

We should be at the point now where the finishing touches are being put onto your pair of shoes.  Pay attention to those minor details that will make your model resemble a pair of shoes and not just a taped hunk of cardboard.


I can:

1.  understand the color mixing in the palette and on the painting.

2.  analyze the techniques used to create a piece of work.

Finishing up this painting today, I really want to spend sometime on exactly what the purpose of using the type of media was all about.  This might come as a surprise, but you be continuing this with Acrylic media next week to compare the differences.\


I can:

1.  Use “line” in my work create different effects and understand that the way I use my drawing tool affects the overall mood and feeling of the work.

2.  Create preliminary sketches and drawings that help me produce my “polished” piece of art.

Today we focus on the Cross Contours of the hand.  You will be using your own hand posed in various positions, and use contour and cross contour lines to build a visualization of the mass your hand takes up.

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