Goals for the Day: Mon. Sept. 16

Intro to Art

Critique Day

I can:

1.  consider the purpose in works of art by comparing them to my own work.

2.  use a constructive critical process for confronting artwork, while articulating what it means.

Whoa! These are a mouth full.  Before we get started today with our Blind Critique, lets really pay some attention to what these goals really mean.  Make sure you aren’t just putting 4’s and 5’s in your understanding block just to put them.


I can:

1. use different techniques to create useful works and sculptural works out of clay

2.  be able to discuss the differences between HIGH and LOW relief sculptures

here are some great examples of relief style sculptures:






















I can:

1.  create areas of reserve on my painting.

2.  understand the color mixing in the palette and on the painting.

Today we move forward with our study of Color Theory and start working with acrylic paints.  Think about your experience with your watercolor study.  What could you do to prep the work before you apply paint?  What are your goals for this week to finish this painting.


I can:

1.use the right tool for the desired visual effect.

2. decide if an artwork is successful in its purpose.

Today is going to be a bit of a review and critique day, most of the hour we will spend discussing comments that were found in your sketchbooks, as well as some concerns that I experienced throughout the week.

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