Goals for the Day: Tues. Sept 17

Intro to Art : Color Theory

I can:

1. Use specific hues to create an organizational chart or scheme for colors to reside in.
2. Use specific language to the visual arts in conversation.

Today we will be working with the element of art known as color. In your comments section for today, take 3 minutes to write down as many colors as you have ever seen. Throughout this week we will be discussing more in detail how colors work, interact, and special uses for them.

Ceramics: Relief Stamps

I can:

1. Plan my ceramic work.
2. Discuss e differences and similarities between Low and High relief sculptures

Painting: Acrylic Color Wheel

I can:

1. Create areas of reserve on my painting
2. Understand the mixing of specific hues to achieve a specific visual effect.

Drawing: Finished Observational Drawing

I can:

1. Use proper tools to achieve a specific visual affect
2. Decide if an artwork is successful in its purpose

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