Goals for the Day: Thurs. Sept. 18

Intro to Art: Painted Color Wheel

1.  Create areas of reserve.

2.  Apply new media with previously learned techniques

We will be working with paint in today’s class.  In order to have successful results, I will demonstrate some techniques that you can use while mixing your various colors and show you some pitfalls people get into, so that you don’t make the same mistake.

Ceramics: Unique Pinch Pot

I can:

1. create a 3-D form by using the pinch method

2.  duplicate my results and make my piece unique.

Painting: Acrylic Color Wheel

I can:

1. Create areas of reserve on my painting
2. Understand the mixing of specific hues to achieve a specific visual effect.

Yep…business as usual.  Make sure as you finish up your study, that everything is correctly organized and it makes sense in regards to the colors being mixed.  The criteria for this project was:

  • Colors in proper place on color wheel
  • Shaded and Tinted hues of all twelve (12) colors
  • Complementary Color Value scale

Drawing:  Picasso’s Seated Man Contour Drawing

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