Goals for the Day: Mon. Sept. 23

Intro to Art: Unique 3-D Color Wheel

I can:

1.  Create a rough draft sketch/drawing for a project to be based on.

2.  Start using specific media to create a unique art piece based on my ideas.


Ceramics: Kiln Firing Day

I can:

1.  Understand the firing process and the results that it brings

2.  Discuss the working parts to a ceramic kiln.

Today we will be discussing in detail specific temperatures that the kiln will reach and the results of leaving clay inside the kiln at those temperatures.


Painting: Still Life Acrylic Painting

I can: 

1.  Gather media to create a painting

2.  Discuss the specific features of a paintbrush and the importance of their functions


Drawing:  3 Piece Critique

I can:

1.  Make observations on my own as well as other pieces of work

2.  Be able to discuss my observations with specific terms so that the artist can gain better insight from the viewer.

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