Goals for the Day: Thurs. Sept. 26

Intro to Art: Unique 3-D Color Wheel

I can:

1.  Put the finishing touches and final adjustments to a personal project of mine

2.  identify key components to an artworks title by creating a title for my personal work.

As you finish up your project today, I would like you to think about what title you would give your piece.  A title identifies exactly what the art work is along with any specific ideas about the artwork.  Today we will review the specifics that are needed to name a piece of artwork properly.

Ceramics: Day of the Dead Skulls

I can:

1.  Explain the significance of using the SLAB building technique.

2.  Build 3-D aspects of my skull with proper ceramic techniques.

Today the overhead will be on for a couple of minutes during class.  I will be showing you not only the areas where you need to have 3-D parts, but how to use the clay to build those areas up.  Do not forget that tomorrow we will have our Kiln Firing and components quiz.

Painting: Still Life Acrylic Painting

I can:

1.  Build a painting by using a step-by-step process

2.  Learn proper blending techniques to add shadows to objects.

Today we focus on the baseball and the slight shadow that is cast on the lower side of the ball.  Again we will be discussing the benefits to wet-on-wet blending with acrylic paints.  Since this won’t take the whole class period, use yesterday’s techniques to create a more realistic view of our still life.

Drawing: Still Life Drawing

I can:

1.  Use blending tools to create a value on specific areas of my drawing.

2.  Think about areas where highlights are the strongest and use white charcoal pencil to bring it out.

Today you should continue to use your pencils to put value on the still life objects.  Remember, the easy way to start this is by finding the areas where your darkest value will be at and use a soft pencil (6B) to bring that out.

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