Goals for the Day: Tues. Oct. 1

New month, new excitement…let’s take a look at what this week’s classes will be about.

Intro to Art: Social Commentary Collage

I can:

1.  Brainstorm ideas that I might want to use for an art piece.

2.  Understand the various types of media that can be used to create a piece of art.

Yesterday we explored some social art by artist Bansky, today we will look at another well-renowned artist, Romare Bearden and explore some specific qualities his work has, as well as the message behind some of his more famous works.

Ceramics: Glazing and Day of the Dead Skulls

I can:

1.  Properly apply glaze to my pinch pot projects

2.  Continue to use pinching and pulling techniques to build a 3-D skull.

Business as usual today, we will be actively working on two projects throughout the card marking.  Glazing must be completed by the end of this week.  We will work on completing the sculpting part of our skulls by this Wed.  Again do not forget the two days we will be firing this week; WED. and FRI.

Painting: Personal Still Life

I can:

1.  Learn how to properly compose an image for drawing or painting.

2.  Discuss specific reasons why artists use objects as subjects to paint.

We will take a look at some of the images that have been submitted and discuss the best way to approach composing the image.

Drawing: Composition and Perspective

I can:

1.  Understand the fundamental differences between 1Pt and 2Pt perspectives

2.  Use perspective drawing elements to compose an interesting scene.

We ran out of time yesterday to discuss this, but we will discuss an opportunity to recoup some points in the class by taking part in…



It’s finally Inktober!  What is Inktober you ask?  It’s a month-long appreciation of the art of drawing in ink and the practitioners that embrace that art. To celebrate I’m posting one ink drawing a day for the entire month.  No pencils, no water colors, no photoshop, just the unadulterated black and white beauty of thick black ink on crisp white paper.  Drawing with ink means commitment.  There’s no hemming and hawing as to which pencil line you’re going to use, no sitting on the fence of values, no pussy footing with color.  When you make your mark you better mean it.  It’s black and white.  True or false.  On or off.  And that’s what Inktober is all about.  One drawing a day, one pt a day

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