Goals for the Day: Wed. Oct. 2

Intro to Art: Social Commentary Collage

I can:

1.  Brainstorm ideas that I might want to use for an art piece.

2.  Understand the various types of media that can be used to create a piece of art.

We are going to continue brainstorming our social commentary ideas.  By the end of today’s class, you are going to need to have yesterday’s worksheet turned in and you will have a clearer picture on what your main idea really is.  Tomorrow we will start work on the actual collage piece.

Ceramics: Glazing and Day of the Dead Skulls

I can:

1.  Properly apply glaze to my pinch pot projects

2.  Continue to use pinching and pulling techniques to build a 3-D skull.

FIRING DAY.  This should be something you keep track of in on your goals sheet, especially for those of you who have something glazed.  While the kiln is firing, make sure you start mapping out ideas for your skull designs.  Remember last week, (seems like forever ago) we discussed 2 really unique characteristics.  Symmetry and Contrast colors, think about how you will use those and sketch up a few renditions of some ideas you are thinking about.

Painting: Personal Still Life

I can:

1.  Learn how to properly compose an image for drawing or painting.

2.  Start the first few steps to transferring an image to another surface.

For those of you who have images printed up, today we are going to take a look at how we can crop the image when transferring it over to the new surface (ie Paper).  remember to use the rule of thirds as a starting point, not only for your photo, but your painting as well.


Drawing: Composition and Perspective

I can:

1.  Understand the fundamental differences between 1Pt and 2Pt perspectives

2.  Create perspective style photographs by using key concepts from 1Pt and 2 Pt perspectives.


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