Goals for the Day: Fri. Oct. 4

Spirit Day!!! Well in spirit, let’s take a look at the goals, and keep in my that the hours today will be shortened.  Don’t let that  minor little detail change your goals too much though.

Intro to Art: Social Commentary Collage

I can:

1.  Continue to find images, textures, or colors that I will use to create meaning in my collage.

2.  Start to put together these cut-out objects to create my collage piece.

Ok, so we have today, and three days next week (  Oct. 9) to put the finishing touches on our ideas.  By now you should have gotten any feedback on the brainstorming sheet that we had been using to earlier in the week.  Now focus on visually putting those ideas together to create a piece with a social meaning.

Ceramics: Day of the Dead Skulls and Pinch Pot Reviews

I can:

1.  Continue to work on a symmetrical design that uses contrasting colors within it’s design.

2.  Fairly evaluate the quality of craftsmanship of my pinch pots.

Today we get a chance to focus on the results of our glazing experiment.  Take a minute or two today to examine how well the glaze worked.  Do you notice and subtle changes?  Did the glaze come out the way you intended?  Compare you results to the “5 things…” worksheet handed out a while ago.

Journal Self Reflection:  After using the glaze, what if any issues did you have now that the glaze has been fired?  What types of experiments would you like to see done with glaze in the future?

Painting: Personal Object Still Life

I can:

1.  Learn how to properly compose an image for drawing or painting.

2.  Start the first few steps to transferring an image to another surface.

For those of you who still haven’t gotten an image printed, today is the last day that I will be running to the printer for you.  Since we are looking at finishing these up for next week, the next few days will be focused on helping the actual painting of your objects.

Drawing: Value Perspective Drawing

I can:

1.  Take and use a 1PT perspective photo.

2.  Create a grid to enlarge my photo to a new size.

Since the class time will be shortened, it is incredibly important that we spend some time talking about the specifics of this new drawing as well as how to correctly enlarge a photo using the grid method.

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