Goals for the Day: Tues. Oct. 8

Intro to Art: Social Commentary Collage

I can:

1.  Continue to find images, textures, or colors that I will use to create meaning in my collage.

2.  Start to put together these cut-out objects to create my collage piece.


Finishing touches on your social collage should start to take place.  Ideas that I want you to keep in mind as your wrapping this up within the next few days are…What do the images say about the meaning of the collage?  Have I used enough space on the paper for the images to make sense?


Ceramics: Day of the Dead Skulls and Pinch Pot Reviews

I can:

1.  Continue to work on a symmetrical design that uses contrasting colors within it’s design.

2.  Fairly evaluate the quality of craftsmanship of my pinch pots.

Journal Self Reflection:  After using the glaze, what if any issues did you have now that the glaze has been fired?  What types of experiments would you like to see done with glaze in the future?

Painting: Personal Object Still Life

I can:

1.  Learn how to properly compose an image for drawing or painting.

2.  Start the first few steps to transferring an image to another surface.

We are coming towards the end of this piece and there are a couple of ideas I would like you to think about as we get closer to the due date:

  • Does the way I composed this still life help in the painting aspect of this project?
  • Considering the examples that we have done in the past, what techniques am I having trouble with that would help make this more successful?

Drawing: Value Perspective Drawing

I can:

1.  Take and use a photo that will be used for enlargement purposes.

2.  Create a grid to enlarge my photo to a new size.

We will take a look at a few examples of works that use the technique that we will using for the next few days.  While we have 4 days to work on this, it is extremely important that you set yourself goals for completing this final piece that should be portfolio worthy.

Consider these ideas:

  • What values should I start with?
  • How can I make the best use of class time?


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